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Engagement photos and portfolios

Caddy Imaging | Engagement photos and portfolios

Engagement photos are an investment, just as much as your wedding pictures. I am looking to expand my portfolio of engagement photos. I feel like I’m going stale so I want to start branching out a little. I would like to build my portfolio with some engagement sessions. I am seeking two good looking couples, or even good friends, to model for an engagement experience.  If you’ve been looking for some new, exciting photos of yourselves or trying to decide on a photographer for your wedding and you’re willing to invest an hour or two, please email me a couple of photos of yourselves and why you would like me to photograph you at

Caddy Imaging engagement photos

Caddy Imaging Engagement

Here are a few tidbits to think about when choosing a photographer:

  • Have any of the photographers you’ve used in the past been with you throughout the process?
  • Have they been available in near real-time to answer questions?
  • Are they easy to talk to?
  • Do they understand what you are looking for?
  • Are they willing and able to pivot when needed?

The biggest things to remember are to be yourselves. Don’t worry about the guy behind the camera. He may be shy or outgoing. He may sometimes act nervous but just remember that your photographer is simply a person, the same as you.

When it comes to the session itself, try not to go out and party or pull an all-nighter at work the day before. You want to be rested and relaxed.

Empty your pockets:

  • For the guys, put your keys, wallets, cell phones, etc. in a bag and put it under the seat of your car. The last thing you want is to see stuff bulging from your pockets.
  • For the gals, if you have a small clutch purse, use that. You can always throw it in your photographer’s bag. Just remember to get it back before you leave. Bring along a little extra makeup to freshen up a bit with. Bring a hairbrush. You really don’t want to use your photographers’, do you?

Wear what you normally wear:

  • Generally speaking, you want to be yourselves. If you normally wear sweatpants and a t-shirt, I’d say don’t! 🙂 Instead, I’d suggest something classy and casual.
  • For the guys: wear some nice jeans and a nice button down shirt. Don’t wear multi-colored, loud shirts (unless that’s you and you really want some photos of those) but just a clean one-color shirt. Bring a sport jacket if that’s your style. Don’t wear something with a logo on it though.
  • For the gals: nice slacks or a nice skirt and a matching top are perfect. If you want to bring an extra set of clothes to change in to to get some different looks, great!

Don’t change up your hairstyle or get a haircut the day before. Your hair need a few days after being cut to look natural. Don’t change your hair style or hair color either. You really want to look as natural as possible because photos tend to enhance details like hair and colors. Gals, if you wear make-up, and I’d suggest you do, don’t put on heavy layering. It really shows up in the photos. Use a powder base instead of an oil base. It will look more natural. Also, if you normally use cheap make-up, please go purchase some that is a little better quality. Your photos will love you.

Just remember that this is your day, much as your wedding day will be also. You want to have fun and you want to look and feel your best! I want that for you too.