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How come I don’t get the digitals on a disk?

How come I don’t get the digitals on a disk? We’re paying you and we don’t get anything! That’s a lot of money for nothing! These are some of the questions that I get when someone is trying to decide whether I’m the right fit for them. So, let me answer them the best way I know how.

Why don’t you get all the digital negatives on a disk? Well, actually you do… sort of. If you buy my top collection then every image that is used is also included on a cd or jump drive, as well as a release allowing you to print for personal use. The images are sized to print up to about an 11×16 print. More about that in just a minute. The images are also available via A La Carte but that’s expensive!

Why do you get only the images that you purchased in the collection or off the A La Carte menu for you to print? That’s easy. Those are the images that you have chosen as the ones that are your favorites. The rest will be archived in case you want to re-visit them at a later date. Just remember that there is a fee for retrieving them from the archive.

Images are sized on the disk because I take pride in my art, and so should you! We’ve had a fantastic experience together creating these memories for you. At sizes of 11×16 and smaller, no matter where the image is printed it will look ok. Not breath-taking, but ok. The images that you have chosen have been cleaned up to look as beautiful as they can be. When you bring them to your local print lab at the SuperStore, you have no idea when the last time that that printer has been calibrated or cleaned. You don’t know what kind of paper they use to print on. These things affect the quality of your prints. I have taken care of making sure that the prints that I have done are done by a professional lab, that they are color calibrated and in the right size for quality printing. My lab uses high-quality archival papers so that your images won’t fade over time. I want to ensure that when you have large prints done that they look exactly like what you approved when we had our viewing session.