Why do you cost so much?

Why do you cost so much?  I hear it all the time. I used to get irritated when I’d hear this. In today’s age, everyone has a camera, whether it’s a ‘point and shoot’, a cell phone, or a dslr. Everyone takes pictures. Everyone documents their lives on their phones. Everyone wants to have you take their picture for free because they don’t see the value in it.

What is value? That’s what we decide something is worth to us. So, when you’re asking me to take your picture for free, you’re saying that my time and talent isn’t worth anything to you. And why should it be? What can I do that you can’t? Quite simply, I don’t just take pictures. I create ART for your home. So how come I see the value in charging more than you think it’s worth? Here are a few things to keep in mind:

I spend an average of

  • 1+ hours prepping (emails, consults, etc.)
  • 1-3 hour of shooting time
  • 10-30 minutes of editing time per photo (4-12 hours)
  • 5+ hours of everything else (driving, posting, ordering, packaging, delivering, etc.)


Why do you cost so much?

Why do you cost so much?

I invest thousands of dollars in equipment, software, props, training and marketing and many, many hours practicing to be able to produce those beautiful images that you love.

I don’t get paid holidays or sick leave. I don’t get bonuses or vacation time. I buy our own insurance and I pay my own taxes. I don’t have a company that pays half of our taxes. I pay them.

I own a business that happens to LOVE photography.

So, when you ask why I cost so much, remember that the session fee you think is so high is going towards that 10 to 20 hours that I’m investing in you. That doesn’t cover the cost of the prints. That’s why I offer collections and why the more you invest, the more you save. But that’s a post for another day.